Our Team

For Saatvik Event & Promotions Team, it does not matter Whether the event is a conference or a charity fundraiser, a trade show or a team-builder, there is simply no substitute for Saatvik Event & Promotions, that is ever been ready to respond instantaneously to any challenge or unexpected issue, and able to quickly mobilize to exploit new opportunities.
Saatvik Events & Promotions team of event planners and managers is on-site before, during, and after your event, we develop a feel for the ambience and atmosphere of your event. That experience of “I was there when…” is a major factor in the value of an event to its attendees, and Plan Ahead Events is expert in managing that emotional resonance that is so important to the overall results of the attendee experience. Every guest will have a meaningful, unique, and memorable experience at your events, and our on-site event management team will be there in-person to make sure of it.

Our Mantra

One of the major marketing decisions you will make is which agency to partner with, as the success of your event depends on it. When you choose to partner with FUTURING, you immediately add years of business and marketing experience to your team’s talent, which together achieve new levels of success. We have a dual approach to marketing events; the art of creativity and the science of measurement which together exceed your business expectations. Let us into your world, whatever your industry may be, wherever you are in India.

Our Misson

Saatvik Event & Promotions believe in elevating the standards of events, by ensuring superior quality and professionalism, to engage the audience and senses, and to promote excellence. As Events Architects, we are guided by our continual commitment and values to achieve the aims and objectives of our clients. You are at the heart of everything we do. Let us into your world, whatever your industry may be, wherever you are in India.

Our Vision

Organising successful events is a specialised business. Saatvik Events & Promotion highly accomplished visionary leader in Event Management, We have team sees events not as a stand-alone activity, but rather as an integral part of improving our overall in-event management skill to offer better as ever. Our Event specialists strive to create synergies for our clients by combining understanding of key policy areas with what works effectively for events. This means that we are able to offer our clients a unique event experience, which gives us a competitive edge over other event organisers.
Events are – more than ever – the most appropriate channel for communicating policy messages, learning and strengthening human relations. Our Events team have a well-developed approach which draws on extensive experience of all aspects of events management, advice and coordination, whilst ensuring our commitment to making events more creative, effective and sustainable.

Our Strength

In-House Creative Team For Conceptualization
In-House Production Unit For Fabrication
In-House Audio-Visual Equipments
Wide Networking With Vendors
Associate offices in Ludhiana, Lucknow & Jaipur
A dedicated birthday Parties Unit called ‘ Birthday On Call’
A dedicated wedding management unit called “Showmakerz Weddings”

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